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Ah, yes... it looks good overall - I've kept it in good shape, and waxed it a few times every year, but like an older person, when you get closer you start to see all of the wrinkles. I have a LOT of minor swirls and scratches, and the clearcoat is even starting to come off on the roof along the door seams. So I was thinking if I get the entire thing painted, it would do some good. I am going to do the underside with rust proofing (the marine paint) as I am finding a few spots near the seams in the frame.

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Model Year: 1998
Model: 9-5 2.3t
Mileage: 110000
Location: Finland
Engine Mods:

- 600x300x76mm ic
- Garrett gt3071r-wg .86+big intake
- Tubular exhaust manifold
- Maptun individual
- 630cc injectors
- Walbro 255 fuel pump
- Wössner forged pistons
- Spec clutch
- 3" dp+2.5" cat back

Chassis Mods:
- D2-Coilovers
- Ksport 356mm Front Brakes
- 300mm 2002 Aero Rear Brakes
- 19" Wheels with 235/35 Falken
Other Mods:
- Realcar 02 Bodykit
- Alpine CDA-117Ri
- Alpine PXA-H100
- Rainbow SAX 265.20
- Pioneer ts-a6911
- Pioneer ts-w3004spl
- Carpower D-Rex/1202 + Carpower hpb-1002

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nice mods. i wish i could get a realcar body kit...with the cost of shipping I just can't justify it.

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Model Year: 2001
9-5 SE
Transmission: AutoTragic
Mileage: 100,135 (9/5/12)
Location: North/Central-ish NJ
Engine Mods: Taliaferro Intake, BSR Exhaust
Chassis Mods: stockity stock. sway bars soon.
Other Mods: Hella 500FFs, Rally Armour flaps, Thule/Saab crossbars, Yakima ForkLifts, Thule wind fairing, Stickers.

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Model Year: 2002
Model: 9-5 AERO
Transmission: 5 spd AutoMagic
Mileage: 119,575 (9/5/12)
Location: Manchvegas, NH
Engine Mods: Bone Stock Stage 0
Chassis Mods: Dead Stock Stage 0
Other Mods: Stock HIDs with new Osram Sylvania Bulbs and HID Fogs to match, Phillips Cassette Aux-In

i know sad that nothing has been done yet. soon enough ill have an intake, exhaust, new brakes, new wheels, and tinted windows. there really isnt a lot to do to this car though. it has everything you could want and tons of power. the intake exhaust and tune will make it crazy to me.

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Thought I'd keep the thread alive... I am also bored at work.

Model Year: 2001
Model: 9-5 Aero Wagon
Transmission: 5 speed
Mileage: 179,965
Location: Amesbury, MA
Engine Mods: Stage 1 ECU Tune (+40hp) Airbox delete w/ K&N 9" cone, knock-off Forge BPV.
Chassis Mods: GS sport transmission mount?
Other Mods: Black five-spoke twin Aero wheels with red brake calipers. And most importantly, a new cabin air filter!

Tinted windows are next on the list.

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Model Year: 2003
Model: 9-5 Arc 3.0t
Transmission: Auto
Mileage: 95,675 (7/10/13)
Location: Louisville, KY suburbs
Engine Mods: 2.5" Magnaflow Cat-Back Exhaust
Chassis Mods: Stock (PFS lowering kit and poly bushings coming soon hopefully)
Other Mods: Thule/Saab crossbars, Thule #589, Thule fairing, 17x8 Volvo Accessory wheels in black, tinted tail lights, black grille.

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Model Year: 2006 and 2008
Model: 9-5 Aero and Vector TiD
Transmission: Manual and Auto
Mileage: 86K and 92K
Location: Vantaa, Finland
Engine Mods: Hirsch Performance ECU with BioPower mod 3" exhaust and Hirsch Performance ECU with 2.5" exhaust
Chassis Mods: Original sportchassis with self levelling rear shocks and original sportchassis with self levelling rear shocks.
Other Mods: Extremely rare Hirsch Performance dashboard (only 5 made), full leather wented seats, seat heaters front and rear, honeycomb front grille, original nav with AS3.
Full leather heated seats (front and back), honeycomb front grille, original nav with AS3.
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