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WTB Evap. Purge Valve Canister

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need one mine is started to crap out. Like to get a new one but $160 is to much. If anyone has a good used one laying around for a 01 9-5 4cyl non aero pm me thanks. If you want to trade for a brand new aero purge valve that I bought accidentally with some money on top that would work for me too.
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umm- you need the valve or the canister? Reason? (DTC?)
The canister. Have to clean this part every week or I get a CEL. Its the canister that has two hoses coming out of it with a electrical connector as well. Its attached to the intake pipe.
So you mean the Purge Valve located on the passenger side fender?

Purge Valve -
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Yes that one. I ordered the wrong one a month ago(for the aero) and well just keep cleaning my current one to keep the CEL off. I have spent a over a grand on new parts for this car but well I think I can do with a used one for this. The only problems I have left with this car is mirror switch w/memory and SID compared to the almost 20 or so I started with.
Still in need of this purge valve
Anyone have one come on
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