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Hi, Would love to find one of these as it looks "out of place"(even more "out of place" :shock:than Driving a Saab in Australia?) and Passerby's think i probably hit a Bird which broke the Lens but i did'nt hit a Bird, it was a Squirrel.

I kid i kid, i have never seen a Squirrel here, that's not to say they dont exist in Australia it's just to say i have'nt met one....yet.

Anyhoo, Im happy to Pay all freight Costs but will need to be sent to Melbourne,Australia. PM me for Postcode, Offers or any Aussie Squirrel sightings.

Will pop up a Picture of the exact Lamp i need so as we dont get lost in any Trans-Global O/S,N/S Left or Right Translations. Cheers

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