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WTB: 9-5 Aero or 9000 Aero

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I'll be moving some of my Saabs soon, so I'm looking for a clean 9000 Aero or 9-5 Aero. I'm okay with doing some work, either cosmetic or mechanical, so send me details on whatever you have. Pricewise, I'd like to keep it $5,000 or under for now.

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Shoulda kept the old silver one!
You can have my 9-5 aero for $5,500.
Shoulda kept the old silver one!
I know! There are more to be had though.
aeros in good condition are getting harder to find
my dad has a cosmic blue 9-5 aero that is in great shape, but he probably wont let it go for less than 8k...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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