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WTB: 1 ng900/og9-3 front strut assembly

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would prefer as complete as possible ie spring, strut mount, shock etc.

dont need any brake components.

let me know if anyone has anything.
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what year?
94-96 is different from 97-99

and which side?
none of the above matters basically, although i guess in the real scheme of things, if someone has a pair that will fit a 99 i would take that.
I have a pair of 2001, don't know if it will fit yours.
2001 what?

it appears the viggen ones are special and nothing else will fit, i think its due to axle size?

so anyone for very cheap would be just fine.
I have a pair of 2001, don't know if it will fit yours.
sorry 2001 9-3 non viggen 50 k.mi on them.
Are you saying you don't have a viggen? Or do?

I've got a pair from a '95 900 SE available soon.
i have a viggen, but this is really to test some things for my own knowledge, it would just be extra sweet to be able to use on my vig when i put new suspension on...nothing but viggen pieces will work for that tho.
check this listing from Craigs

The shipping from here might be an arm and a leg though.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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