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Woodward Dream Cruise

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It's about that time of the year again. Woodward Dream Cruise 2010!

This amazing event brings people from around the country to cruise up and down historic Woodward Ave from Detroit, MI all the way 20 miles north to Pontiac, MI. Jay Leno has some of his cars here, Tim Allen has been seen a few times as well.

Formal event is 8/21/10 but the "cruisers" have started to come out and will start coming out more and more until the actual event. I love the smell of leaded gas and the rumble of a Detroit made muscle car, this event is just awesome!

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So many cars over heating.
So many cars over heating.
Actually of the two years I have gone, I don't think I have seen any overheat. They might have pulled off to a side road, but I have also missed those. It was neat seeing an Enzo in the rain one year.
Even though I lived there for years, I always missed it.

NOT this year. We used up some sky miles and are flying in on the 20th and rented a car for a few days :)
Awesome! I'll be at Duggans Friday night and then Saturday I walk up from 13 mile to Birmingham and get lunch at Hunter House. I can't wait!
So theres like a billion cars lol i'll do it
So theres like a billion cars lol i'll do it
Yup it's such an awesome time.

New Saab HQ is near by too.
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