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Wiring need help!

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im changing s 900s wich was n\a 2.3, over to a b204. the 2.3 was an automatic, and not DI. is any of the wiring for the main harness (not engine management)... the dash, lights, reverse sensor, etc. going to be a problem. i ask bc, one.. the 2.3 has a ignition coil, was an automatic, and was na, the b204 is DI, standard, and turbo, i know that obviosly the ecu and harness for that must be changed but am unsure of if the light harness and all that must be changed or modified

the B204 is coming from a 97 900 se. going to a 97 900s.
97 900 se 97 900s

5 speed auto, 2.3 n/a.
spec clutch
gt 28
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I think your going to have to swap main harnesses
You're going to want to talk to grkguy89.
body harness is the same on both cars

there are two big plugs (sometimes just one) behind the glove compartment that connect the engine harness to the body harness

since your car is an OBDII Motronic and you are acquiring an OBDII T5 harness it should be plug and play

it was damn near plug and play for my OBDI car when i installed an OBDII engine harness
This is the info I was looking for. Looks like I'm good to go.
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