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Window Regulator Slider Replacement Tip

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Driver door window fell down last week, and instead of replacing the regulator sliders with SAAB ones (or aftermarket) I took my mechanic's advice and bought the Volvo ones. They're a little more expensive (shop around - I later researched and discovered that the BMW one is the same article, too: $1.70 ea from, Just like their vacuum hoses, the Volvo ones are what we should use because they don't wear out. The hoses don't, but I suspect the sliders eventually do. *Must remember to lub them after installation. The passenger side I'd done using SAAB sliders three years ago began to squeal, so I re-opened that side for some 'lub and attention'.
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Planning to get a new window regulator kit, and I'm currently looking for How-to write-up about it...well thanks then for the tip, at least i knew now that i should lub the sliders after installation.
suggest you open the door up first, usually the regulators are ok and its jsut the rollers ( sliders) as above that break. And the kits do not have new ones so you have to get them anyway.

ANd welcome to Sablink, make sure you post up in the new members section
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