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whos lb viggen is this???

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ok my friend went to a car show and he got this pic i was wondering if this car belongs to anyone here...


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Looks a bit.... over the top?
not my tatse either but that must slam bass. also what car show was that?
2010 bikini car was show by Sanford Sounds and yes it is a lil over the top but i bet it does sound realll good!
Is that tray strong enough to hold that weight lol?
Is that tray strong enough to hold that weight lol?
It's not the stock tray... I wouldn't trust a bag of sugar on the stock one.
that trey looks to be over an inch thick.
That's the Dumbest place to mount speakers.

What's the point of the rear components when you have the sub there.
They're just going to be over powered, and you don't listed to a concert with you back turned to the stage.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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