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White smoke, bucking/hesitation, and CELs

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Ok so I have some issues with the car right now. My car has a stage 3+ ecu from JZW and a 3" downpipe. After I installed the ECU months back, the car was much faster. A couple months later i got a boost gauge. It read 11psi when john said it should run 18psi. After saving money for a month or so, I invested in a 2.5" catback and mid muffler delete. I went WOT after this and it is easily hitting 18ish psi throughout the gears. I was happy with that. The car is much much faster now, BUT now half the time i reach a stop, white smoke just comes out of my exhaust. ALSO, on the highway in 3rd/4th/5th past 4000rpm, the car bucks/hesitates.

I went to a performance shop and asked about the white smoke. He said it could either be my rings or the turbo seals. He suggested i used 20/50 oil so the oil wont seep through the rings/seals. it helps a little, but it still spurts white smoke at a stop and still hesitates on the top end.

My solutions for white smoke:
-vent valve cover (to free oil vapors)
-replace turbo

My solutions for hesitating/bucking:
-replace spark plugs
-replace fuel filter(heard a clogged one can affect the fuel pump)
-replace o2 sensor

Also, my CEL codes are P0125, P0135, and P0141. Not sure if this is related to my problems above.

Any help would be appreciated. thanks!
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Also, does anyone know how to replace the fuel filter? Where is it and what are the steps to replace it? I think it's different on a lot of cars. thanks
Uh if it is the same as an NG, then it is at the rear passenger wheel. Jack the car up a tad, get a pan under the filter, and remove the cap slowly, gas will come out, hence the pan. Get a new filter, and reverse.
Before you undo the banjo bolts on the fuel pump, pull the Fuel Pump fuse and start the car, letting it run until it dies. This will get rid of a lot of the pressure in the fuel lines so you won't get as much spillage and it won't come out spraying.

As for your white smoke, white smoke means you are burning water or coolant. Can you smell the white smoke and see if it smells sweet? This would indicate coolant which could be the turbo or the headgasket. One is significantly easier than the other so I hope it is the turbo!
i appreciate the help guys. I changed the plugs, but didn't get a chance to drive it yet. If that doesn't help, i'll do the fuel filter.

I hope the white smoke is just the turbo. I'm looking for a turbo so if anyone has one, please let me know. I don't want the engine to break completely :( i really can't afford to mess up the whole car. Man this sucks.
Those codes are for the coolant temp switch and a lazy o2 sensor which could be caused by all the oil getting into the dp if the turbo is bad. Remove delivery pipe and check for oil.
Once you fix the turbo issue get a new 02 sensor, but make sure you get the one for a saab, do not cheap out and buy a universal o2 or those codes may never go away.
I replaced the spark plugs and the car is not hesitating at all anymore. Maybe very slightly in fifth, but definitely a big difference.

Now I need to deal with the white smoke. I'm going to pick up a used t25. Let me know if you have a viggen td04 for cheap. I really would rather do this. thanks
Ever figure out if it was the turbo?
Bucking can be a bad DI. DIs show there weakness once a car is tuned.
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