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I figured since now that I have done my first "long distance" car haul with my Saab - it would be nice if there was a list of things you should pack in case of problems.

I recently went down to the DC area to Waldorf MD from Reading PA - and returned home to Jenkintown (Huntingdon Valley Area). Round trip was in the neighborhood of 410 miles.

Items you should have with you when towing anything - whether it runs and drives or not.

1) Quality tow hitch w/2" Ball and harness
2) Spare bulbs and fuses
3) General tool kit (typical junk yard tools)
4) Flashlight (I have 2 types) standard with C3 LED and cordless drop light LED
5) Tire pressure gauge
6) Small air compressor or air tank to inflate flat tires or trailer tires
7) Tow strap - you never know
8 ) Ratchet straps - again you never know
9) Jump Pack - fully charged
10) Spare car battery if at all possible (this is what I didn't bring and I had)
11) Jumper Cables
12) AAA Card with Plus or better membership level
12) Adequate maps for where you are going (I had not updated my collection)
13) Cell phone
14) come-along (I am going to get one of these)
15) Passenger to aid with loading/unloading and company
16) Quart of oil and "gear oil"
17) Gallon of water/coolant
18 ) Clean shop rags - can be used to wipe your hands and as flags on the vehicle in tow
19) Wheel chock(s)
20) Tire repair kit
21) Small/light duty floor jack (if room permits)

There could be more - but this about what I had with me. If you have suggestions please add them.

This will help everyone if they have never towed a car before and want to know what they need to have with them.

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Suggest adding extra 2x8x36 boards to assist the ramps. busted a bunch of foglights trying to get cars on dollies and trailers. Lay the boards on the ground on the ground side of the ramps, helps lifting the car up and saves lamps and front skirts.

Skip the come-along and buy a cheap electronic winch (Wench being a different topic). Burned thru a harbor freight special and now have a tractor supply one, we'll see if it lasts.

Waldorf is about 45 minutes from me without traffic. I need to goto Richmond and get the black CSE, which died in the middle of a cloverleaf with one of my kids driving it.

Tools to unhook CV joints if the transmission is locked, ask me how I know :-?

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Well it sounds like most of this can be avoided if you start off with a well preped tow vehical up to the task and a good trailer.
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