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What spark plugs?

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My 1992 9kt is mostly stock, and is running on a 2002 black DI from a 9-5. It has recently been brought to my attention that I may not be running the correct plugs for the car. The last time I changed them I went with NGK iridiums (I usually work on asian cars and these plugs are some of the best.) But I have heard multiple places that they produce too hot of a spark for my car and can cause hesitation and stumbling. I have not had any of these issues, but would like to run the best plug for the car anyways. What is recommended? What are you guys running? What brand and material?
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NGK BCPR7ES-11 are pre gapped to 1.1mm you can get the BCPR7ES and gap them yourself.

PS. Your car is Awesome in person. You should get some good pictures and post them
Thanks! I will try to get some new pics up soon.

I am going to pick up a set of those plugs this week. What gap should they be?
NGK BCPR7ES-11 are pre gapped to 1.1mm you can get the BCPR7ES and gap them yourself.
I'm thinking it's this^;)
duh, reading fail. Nevermind.
If the NGK Iridium plugs you put in are PFR6H-10's then you're fine, just leave them in, that's the recommended plug for the T7 9-3/9-5 and will work fine in your car.

Usually the BCP series plugs are cheaper than the PFR series plugs, but if you can order through a shop account they are usually about the same.

What gap should they be?
NGK says to gap them .039" or .9906mm.

(I'm trying to buy new plugs locally, but no store carries them in Wilmington. Humfuckingbug.)
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