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What should i do??

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i own a 91 900s.. i do plan on going turbo sometime in the future, but untill i do what are some good cheap mods? im a high school kid so money has an effect on what i can afford. i do have an open filter on and ngk plugs. any options or opinions??
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well if you want to go turbo, wait and save, because if you buy a bunch of other parts your find yourself spending just as much on the other BS as you would if you had gone turbo, or sell and find one that is already boosted.

just my two cents
buy a car that started life as a turbo :)
lol, like i said im a high school kid, i cant really afford to buy a whole new car, but i do plan on taking the turbo motor of aaron (amish)'s hands. Is there anything i should buy to get the car ready for the swap??
When you go turbo, you'll do a complete engine swap.

So for now, do things like suspension/brakes.

You can find intrax lowering springs for decent... and Bilstein HD shocks.
Ill have to check those out, oh now that soccer is over im starting to work more hours, i should be able to put more money aside to buy that motor from you lol.. what about gauges and things like that??
boost gauge, oil pressure, oil temp, exhaust temp, wideband o2
Oh, and you could consider megasquirt as well. With PaulH's adapter, you'd be able to plug & play megasquirt on your car currently, which would let you play with NA tuning... and you'll then be mostly setup for Megasquirt when you go turbo, and it would probably save you from having to swap a turbo LH harness in.

Or you could go with a T5 conversion as well.
HHHMMMM... ill have to do some research..
how much does the whole megasquirt setup run price wise??
$240 for MS pre-assembled:

$199 for wideband:

$200ish for the MS adapter so you can plug n play with the stock harness. (Otherwise you have to wire up your own harness, or splice into the stock one yourself)
wow.. thats a little more then i was expecting.. i think im just going to save up for your motor and then ms...
I would do a tune up and full service first.

Instead of focusing on speed, maybe you should focus on handling first such as uprated shocks, lower/stiff springs, and a custom alignment.
ya thats another thing i was thinking of......
I turboed my Grey turd.

It was pretty straight forward, i installed an 85 turbo manafold, turbo, and lines, made an oil cooler (but you could get a stock one off just about any 900 turbo), threw on a boost gauge and turbo plumbing, 2.5 inch exaust and i was good to go.

i keep the boost below 8 PSI, but with the high compression pistons the car moves. It pulls like a freight train until 4500 rpms. from there it tends to lose intensity.

BTW im a senior in HS right now. when i was a sophmore i bought a 91 9000T, now its running stage 4 power. i say that because 91-92 9kts are kinda cheap now and pretty easy to aquire. not a bad idea when they start at 200hp, and my LPT might be making 145hp after all the work i put into it.

thanks for the info man! idk i have to come up with some money first.. but i was either going to swap a turbo motor in or make my own turbo setup

I stuffed my oil cooler right between the intercooler and stock airbox. seems to work find, the car hasnt exploded yet. i took it on a 250 mile round trip last weekend and it never missed a beat.
BTW 5 hours in a car with no radio really sucks:(
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lol.. ya this car will be seeing alot of driving, it is my dd and i will be making some trips down to topeka kansas every so often on school breaks... idk... i could either buy the motor and swap it in, or maybe just buy the parts i need and do it that way...
anybodey have any thoughts on this?? would it be easier/worth it to make my own setup or just swap the motor??
i turboed the NA in 6 hours...... but i had access to a lift, torch and welder, and 12,000 dollars worth of matco tools:)
so far its been fine, but i suppose it goes on a case by case basis.

keep in mind this car was bought for 50 dollars, sat for 3 years, and fired up immediately, and i have been driving it for the last month and a half.

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