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I went to the local dyno yesterday to help a friend with his talon .... A friend of ours owns the shop and my friend has 2 parts talons in the yard ... As we were stripping some interior crap out of a talon, the shop owner decided to make a few adjustments to his car

this was the outcome

he currently holds the record in atlantic canada for the fastest import

we are currently in the process of caging a "race car" for him as the local track decided to enforce the "no faster the 11.5 without a cage rule" .... even though his car has been running 10.5 for a few years now ... hoping to have it ready for this upcoming weekend for the sport compact drag races .... if not hell just sandbag it all weekend lol ... or run street tires lol

heres some pics of his car

from a few years ago when he had a water to air IC

this is a street car ... he drives it to the shop everyday ... and he drives it into town once in awhile too

thought id share!!!
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