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1981 8v c900 sedan, 1990 2.0 9k carlsson, 1992 21 c900 sedan
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Hi everyone,

I'm not sure where else to put this... :cool: I have had a Saab C900 webring in place for some time but now I have also created one for Saab NG900's too.

These two webrings are open to everyone who manages a website relating to C900 or NG900 Saab's. They can be individual pages, club websites, saab history/memorabilia/miscellania website, Saab dealer/service/repair agent websites, Saab parts supplier websites, etc.

Basically if a site has any significant focus on C900's and/or NG900's it's appropriate to be submitted to one or both of the webrings depending what the site(s) being submitted are focused on.

Alternative web-forum and Saab enthusiast sites like Saablink (!), Saabscene and even Saabnet are more than welcome to join the webrings too! :cool: Is that enough of a hint? lol

Just as I have stated at the Craig's C900 Workshop site, I am not out to discriminate against anyone who wants to submit their site(s) to either of the webrings if they're genuinely out to help develop and promote the existence of their site(s) to the Saab C900 and/or NG900 owner/enthusiast communities and the Internet in general. More promotion can only be a good thing if it brings new people to our sites! :cool:

Please let me know if you have any questions or queries about the webrings I have set up. Note that I am not trying to take sites away from the two other general-purpose Saab webrings that already exist at WebRing. I'm looking to develop webrings focusing on specific Saab car 'families' which have a very popular following.

To summarise, you can visit the Saab C900 Webring or the Saab NG900 Webring to explore websites in each of the rings, and submit details about your own site(s) if you'd like to add yours to either of the rings! Come on now, don't by shy. Give your website(s) a wider audience... :cool:


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