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Wastegate vs BOV?

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First off i would like to say i am new to the world of Saabs, so far I like them better then my old BMW.
So anyways I would like to know; can a BOV help produce more hp? Is it okay if I install a BOV (because i do like the sound)
I have read a little about the what people have for a turbo and mines a Garrett, I would assume thats stock right? (numbers later if anyone wants.)
1995 900se conv. 4wh drilled slotted rotors with more to come.
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no a bov will not make any power.

Yes, a BOV will NOT improve power by anymeans. It is just a valve to release un-used turbo pressure (hence the PSSHH noise). My suggestion to you for a bov is a forge. You can pick one up on just about any performance site, we suggest sites such as for most saab aftermarket schtuff. Your turbo is a garrett(stock), T25 i believe (correct me if im wrong someone). Have fun with that 900. This site here is chuck full of info you'll need.
Why do you have wastegate in the tittle?

Wastegates keep the turbo from over boosting while BOV/BPV removed pressure after off throttle.
Why do you have wastegate in the tittle?

i just noticed that...

this should get you started
Wastegate vs BOV?

Wastegate regulates boost pressure, opening and closing a door that releases the unneeded exhaust to the downpipe/dump tube. The door being closed sends more exhaust through the turbo which creates more 'boost'.

Blow off valve releases built pressure once the throttle plate closes.
Well see already learning. I have been against turbos and never learned much about them. I was a die hard constant forced air. (supercharged) I never knew exactly what the wastegate did. I do look forward to learning more and hopefully have a decent ride.
anyone check out europarts? I would like to replace the timing chain though maybe add a link would be easier then having to do a endless. sorry i do not think that was a good idea to put the timing in the "back" of the motor
Show me a car that has a timing chain and is "easy" to change.

Heck even my wifes timing belt wasn't easy and its a 100k maintenance item.
1974 sbc 350 swapped chain for gear drive. not too bad.
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