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Was there a WIS for 01-02 9-3's?

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I've been searching all the, erm, usual sources of programs for this but have not found one. Only one I found (Which was labled OG9-3) was for MY 98-99 which has T5 and is a lil different than my car. Did saab even make a WIS for the 00-01 year?
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Yes, they did.

But I can tell you, they deiced to skimp out on some pictures and just used the old T5 engine bay pics in t7 cars. its a bit annoying. But all the info is still there.
Are you interested in a working "back-up" copy if WIS for 9-3's for said gerneration? I have the latest disc from 2003 they had released for them. I recently made a b/u copy for someone on here and can testify of it's quality. Shoot me a PM or an e-mail. If you are attending SOC even better.
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