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Wanted: OG-9-3 window switch.

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Needs sunroof. Needs to get to 03301. Needs to be cheap.
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I know it isn't what you want but in case it is of any use, I have one from a 1999 9-3 vert. sunroof is the same as vert top.

Will work minus the lock for the rear windows as the vert lacks that.
I've got one from a '95 vert. $20, includes 1st class shipping. Could have it out tomorrow. I know it works, came out of a car with a working top. Though, I'll have a second one next week.

I'll even clean it for you.

And, I even have two window rollers that I'll sell at cost if you still need them.

PM me so I remember.
Have one from a 2000 9-3 SE 5 door with sunroof switch

$50 shipped
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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