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Walk me through a brake booster replacement :)

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I found a nice but very superficial guide for replacing the brake booster on saabnet. Basically I've never dine one of these so i need to know if there's anything to watch out for or any tricks that make life easier.

Also after I finish, do I need to bleed my brakes? If so how do i do that? (first car, never done it before)

Thanks guys.
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It looks impossible but is actually pretty easy. you can unbolt the bracket for the inside of the car "HARD" or you can Lube up your hands and get an assortment of 13mm gear wrenches and short ones to get Just the 4 booster nuts off."easy' Use a new seal at the master to booster. And don't drop the clip on the Booster rod. Check for proper Rod length, So the pedal height is right. And you can take the lines off, Or Hack it and bend the mess all up. Depends on if you want to make it hard or easy. If you do just bend the lines do it Gently. They will bend back OK. If you find the booster full of oil, You need a New vacuum pump too.
Thanks that's exactly the type of info I was looking for!

The guide on saabnet says to not remove the brake lines, they're bendy. I'm afraid of removing them because I don't want air in the system, I don't know how to bleed brakes (though I hear it's not hard)
I was looking for a used one and a place I called told me that there are two different ones, one with traction control and one for cars without. Looking on eeuroparts, there is only one.

Can anyone clear this up for me?
OK guys, got all my stuff in, tomorrow's d-day!

I will be following this guide: and this one

any last words of wisdom for me? :-D

Kinda excited and nervous at the same time....
I'm having trouble getting the bottom most nut out where the booster hits the firewall. Whats the best way to reach it?
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