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viggen value?

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99 LB viggen 160k ALL STOCK...$5100 this too much... it has some driver side rear fender rust and quater panel bubbling/rust that needs to be addressed but isnt too too bad and some other lil electrical things liike pixel displays and acc issues..

some new parts like front pads and rotors but thats it really... not much service history but the car sounds good its quite..radiator fans and everything works doesnt way of telling how much synthetic oil was used or ever used since the current owner has owned it since 100k.

But the viggen wheels are all refinished with decent tires and the paint is in good condition and will very easily recondition.

What do you guys think?
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with rust issues and electrical issues...i'd stay away not worth 5,100. maybe 2,500-3,000
he would never take that though and i really want the car.. idk. i was thinking 4500ish but he didnt was originally put up for 6k.

the thing is this car was never just needs someone like me to maintain it and actually appreciate it and do the proper things it needs at a looks like he just drove it kept it clean and did what he needed to do to it to keep it on the road.

i bet the air filter on this thing is completly dusty and dirty and the stock bpv has never been cleaned or taken off..plugs havent been changed in in awhile...
and the turbos smoke or anything on start up or hard accel.
the thing is it isnt breathing could barely hear it spool.. so i dont even think the turbo has seen much abuse.

The only thing that bothers me is that rust... theres no electrical issues par say..its just that common acc issue where it doesnt direct air where you want it so it could be a number of things i guess in there..and a lil premature ignition which is probably from his old plugs..i dont think its the starter and i have a back up DIC.
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too mahy issues for 5000
There will always be another one out there, don't get emotionally attached to this one car especially if you look at it like this: to fix the rust, you are looking at hundreds of dollars in body work plus you should always factor in an extra $1,000 for unforeseen things that will need to be done. This means that a $5,100 car will most likely turn into a $6,000 plus car and at that point you could have just gone out and bought a nicer example of a Viggen.
come buy mine so i can get a new car.
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