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Victor Muller/Jan Ake SOC speech on YouTube

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It can be found here

For those of you who weren't there, it was pretty good, Victor is hilarious, and Jan Ake was pretty entertaining too. Victor made some references to how some day when the real story is told about the acquisition, people will be shocked. Apparently it got pretty ugly, i'm assuming GM was being as difficult as many suspected.
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Awesome - when I am home on a machine without blocking I will watch this. Thanks.
I had hoped someone would have recorded and posted these remarks. Can't wait to hear them. Thanx!
No problem, you can see me in almost the whole thing recording with my phone, but the audio quality wasn't as good. They had a pretty decent crew for video/lighting.
"Very low penalty points is for pussies"--Victor Muller

Thanks for the links! :) Loved how they credited the enthusiasts support as one of the main things that saved Saab.

Victor was hilarious... And he oddly reminds me of Austin Powers.
And a clip from the Mille Miglia...

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