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Upper Transmission/Engine Mount

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Not much posted anywhere or photos so here it is for helping anyone else in the future as WIS omitted the need to remove the bracket on the trans the mount bolts to.

Following WIS you’ll get to the spot in the first photo. And here is where you have to go a little further. To get enough clearance for removing the bottom 2 13mm nuts you need to remove the bracket on the trans which is 3 E18 bolts. That gives you enough room to remove everything holding the mount to the chassis but not enough room to coax it out of the way.

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To get the mount out of the fender I undid the forward torque arm (it was getting replaced next) and that allowed it to drop just enough so you can slide the bracket down and forward (you need that little extra room created by releasing the front torque rod to get the bracket to clear things it catches on trying to slide it forward). Use the same motion and rotate the mount so it clears the gear turret as you bring it out.
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In the last photo you can see the bracket to the trans slid forward and down out of the way all the way to the subframe.
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And for the other side the outlet tube from the coolant neck that goes back to the heater core is just in the way of the last bolt from the mount to the engine pad. You can sort of get at it from the top but it’s a bad angle and risks rounding the E14. There certainly wouldn’t be a way to torque this in place. While it makes the job messier pulling the tube and draining some coolant makes it easy. For the 18mm hiding up front behind the A/C lines you can get it started with a ratchet but have to switch to a wrench due to clearance. Fortunately an engineer somewhere did a great service for us by making the slope of the engine pad face match perfectly with the bend in the wrench neck so you can get plenty of rotation. Took the time to do a thorough degreasing ahead of doing the water pump when it arrives. Onto the photos.

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Maybe there are ratchets or a wrench with e series on the other end to get to this last one but I didn’t have anything else that would work. Pulled the pipe out later

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180k worth of grime needing cleaned out.

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Second coolant leak in addition to water pump.

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Degreasing the pad.

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Starting with the 600 grit.

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Degreasing done.

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600 grit passes done and back together for the night.

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That o-ring was done. Need to contact scanifab for the pipe off the thermostat housing as well.

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And fully polished through 3000 grit and buffed. Clear coat to follow like with valve covers and upper manifold. Coolant neck will be next.
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Happy Memorial Day weekend. Coolant neck done.
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