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Tying up some loose ends/SCD prep/etc

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So there's been a few things bugging me more and more lately. Those things where I said "that'll do for now, I'll redo it when I have time/money/whatever". With SCD coming up (my first Saab event, provided I actually make it... it's only been, what, four years? :lol: ) I figure now's a pretty good time.

I replaced my Niteshades special fender markers with OEM smoked jobs, so they A) look a lot better and B) work.

Picked up an A-pillar gauge pod from a TSL member. My current setup is pretty much just screwed into the pillar trim, so the back side of the gauge and all its shit is visible.

The wheels are going to get repainted, same color. It's almost like the paint has worn off in a few places, giving it a splotchy/shitty look.

I recently started a new job doing reconditioning, so I've been learning the ways of the buffer (among other things) and I plan to reflect that knowledge onto my car. Hopefully then I can take care of the ghosting from where the badges used to be on the hatch...

I'm toying with the idea of painting the grille the same gray that I did my NG grille in.

I may be picking up a hood/spoiler from another TSL member (depending on communication), if that doesn't pan out I may look into getting some vinyl and trying to wrap them myself...

So, yeah.
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Alright! Glad it worked for ya man! Looks much better.
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