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Cable sheaths are broken. You can get new ones from eeuroparts or thesaabsite IIRC. Best to get new ones rather than repair the old ones because you won't know how badly they are broken until you pull the seats. They could be broken in just one spot or many.

Just one break can be fixed by putting a piece of fuel line and a couple hose clamps over the broken area.

Jon Williams has a photo essay on the NYSOC site about the repair.

The big key is getting the two sides of the seat where they belong before you lock the cables back in place. I have a little 12V DC converter that I connect to the motor and bring the seat all the way forward as much as it will go to insure that I'm starting with both sides equal. You can also just connect a drill to one side at a time and spin the cable to adjust it and eyeball it or sit in the seat to see if it feels right.

Best to remove the seat base from the bottom of the seat to have room to work but it can be done without doing that if you have a low potential for getting frustrated.

If you don't get new sheaths and you have multiple breaks you end up improvising. This is what I had on hand... :D

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