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Turn signals/ emergency flasher not working

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My turn signals and emergency flasher on my 1994 CSE 9000 arent working at all. I dont even hear the flasher working. In the trunk of my car next to where the taillight control box is there are a group of wires that had been connected to something but they fell thru the rust hole at the bottom of the fender and the last owner backed over them and tore them off. Off what? I dont know but I cant find any other torn wires in the trunk area. Was this where the flasher unit once was and thats why the turn signals dont work?
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Sounds like it had a towing harness installed - repair the wires in the back and re-try. Otherwise the NLA relay is located in the passenger side front under the air bag. You access it via lowering the fuse panel and on-top you will find a WHITE relay which needs to be re-soldered. You can repair the relay about 2 times before it's deemed no good. They are usually about $60 new - but have been on "back order" for over 2 years now. I just smack my dash or put the turn signals on with the flashers to get them to flash the 4 ways.... it becomes normal after awhile.

Sounds like you bought a typical 9000 - has all the normal problems. lol

I will take some pics tonite of the wires. There is nothing to repair but a trailer wiring harness makes sense as I cant find anything else that these wires (6 or 7 of them, red, green and most blue with white strip) and they have no voltage running thru them altho I didnt test them with lights on - duh!
The car is a beautiful Black on black, loaded with 103,000 miles that I picked up for $350 as it needs a few things (turn signals working, ACC fan wont shut off, exhaust work, radio wont clear anti theft code) typical 9000!
Thanks for all your help so far.
So the white relay on top of the fuse box is the flasher? And what exactly will I need to re-solder?
So the white relay on top of the fuse box is the flasher? And what exactly will I need to re-solder?

That is the process for the headlight relay - same procedure for the white relay. (or any relay for that matter)

You might want to bookmark this site;
It can help a newb out or someone who just can't remember shit... lol
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