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This is a forum spotting, guy came on another forum a while back and only made a few posts. Here's quotes of his Membermodiles threads:

Hey all, as promised here are my current cars...forgive the lame camera angles...I'm an idiot when it comes to pictures of cars

1985 Saab 900i SPG clone (245k on it!):

- 2.0l 16v turbo motor
- Tweaked APC (@16-18psi)
- Open air filter, cut into the outer fender
- Magnacore wires, MSD coil, NGK plugs (+1 'plugs as mod' because Onyx is sexy!!)
- 30lb/hr injectors, 3.0bar fuel regulator
- 2.5" turbo-back, Magnaflow cat, Flowmaster 40 (I know...I know...)

- Intrax 30mm lowering springs, cheap KYB shocks
- Brembo rotors, Axxis pads, waiting-to-be-installed stainless lines
- SPG 15" 3-spokers

- Pioneer deck, Alpine Type-S 4" Dash, old Xplodes 6x9's rear, 2xPioneer (coming out soon) 10" in bandpass box, 300w Clarion amp
- Late model 9000 power/heated leather seats
- Autometer boost, sunpro oil press. gauges

- SPG ground effects (gray panels)
- Chicken wire grill...bleh.

1999 Saab 9-3 Viggen (daily driver)
- B235R 2.3l high output turbo, 230hp/260 ft-lbs
- Taliaferro Imports open air filter/heatshield
- Forge Motorsport Eliminator recirculating bypass valve
- MP Performance rear sway bar, steering rack clamp & brace kit
- Saab 'Evo' 17" wheels, BFG Geforce Sport 215/45 (Stock viggen wheels are made out of old aluminum cans and swiss cheese)
- Polk db 6.5" in the doors, Infiniti Kappa Perfect 12"/kicker 200w in the rear

I love these cars, mostly for the looks I get and the just for the sake of being different - let me know what you all think.

end part 1..
Part 2

Again, forgive the camera angles..

1988 Thunderbird Turbocoupe
- 2.3l sohc, 190hp/230(?)ft-lbs
- Borla cat-back
- K&N
- Alpine Type-S all around
- 17" Cobra R, 245/45 Falken Ziex
- Teh gts headlight cover rice! I thought they looked pretty badass back in highschool, now not so much.

1985 Mazda Rx-7
- 12a 2-rotor carb, 105hp/100ft-lbs
- Rust

This is the newest, actually got it for free from my fiance's father. Don't worry, the wal-mart special foglights are long gone. Pretty nice rust going on, but it runs well and handles like a champ. Hopefully, I'll start stripping it for the bodywork next month.

Let me know what you all think, thanks for looking!
Anybody we know of?

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Dont think so. I liked the T-bird turbo coupe, also the Svo and XR4ti. Something about the 2.3L turbo in a RWD Ford intrigues me. He obviously has good taste in cars.

Deez Nutz
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Holy shamoley!

That is a great "garage". I like all of those cars..

He also cut into the corner light. Hmm....
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