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Turbo X vs. 96' 900 Aero

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Okay, this wasn't actually a head to head race, but the comparison is surprising. Below is a graph of 3 dyno pulls. Two are from a stock Turbo X and one if from a 1996 900 Aero. Can you tell which is which, it’s subtle?

Yesterday when I dyno’d my wife’s Turbo X I went to the same dyno I always go to. After her runs I pulled up an old run from my 1996 900 and overlaid it for comparison. It is nearly identical to the Turbo X. My 96’ Aero has the 2.3l engine and TD04 from the 9000 Aero; along with intake, intercooler, exhaust, software etc. Essentially a Stage 3 9000 Aero.

I find this very encouraging and it shows the potential of the 2.8l V6. I spent a lot of time and money to get my 900 to where it is now. And that is the starting platform for the Turbo X :D

In an actual head to head race the winner would be determined by the distance of the race. The Turbo X would have the advantage off the line with its XWD but the 900, which is ~650 lbs lighter and has a high rpm power advantage, would eventually overtake it.


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That is incredible, I honestly cannot pick out any real indicators that would lead me to believe any of those dyno runs could be a specific car although I would hazard the 9000 is the green run. Now get that Turbo X tuned and it will be a whole new ball game. :)
I would agree on the Green being from your 900. Power comes on a little later and doesn't taper as much as the X up near redline.

Should be a fun base to go from.
As long as these 2.8T engine hold together as well or better then a Saab 2.0/2.3 engine - those things ought to be very potent in the months to come or years. All depends how long it takes to crack the software and tune them better. I know BSR has tunes for them - but I'm talking more like ECU Project level of tuning... on the fly "self" tuning abilities. Who knows - maybe I'll be persuaded to buy a new V6 9-5 one day.... lol
The v6 is pretty easy to tune compared to t7 etc. Cam phasing takes some time. HP tuners software/interface is cheap and you can play at will. Be prepared to find the limit of the injectors and turbo early. Also the Saab support in HP is not that great. Not like the LS cars. ;)

PS the lambda tells the story in your graph. ;)
^^ true 12:1 in the upper rev range... safe bet thats the tuned 900:cool:
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