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Turbo X Stock Dyno Run

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Before I start any performance upgrades I needed to get a baseline for the Turbo X. So I took my car and the wife’s Turbo X up to MAC Autosports for some pulls. Because of the Haldex XWD system the Turbo X could not be run as an all wheel drive car. The fuse for the XWD, #25 Telemetrics System next to the battery, needed to be pulled to disengage the rear wheels. It was explained that any car with a Haldex AWD system moves the power around on the dyno and causes the car to buck severely. By pulling the fuse it becomes a front wheel drive car. This makes it a bit difficult to determine drive train loss. I do not know what components of the drive train are spinning.

So I pulled 2 runs with only the front wheels spinning. The results are what I was expecting, the small turbo spools up very well but falls off quickly and air fuel was a bit lean. I only did 2 runs because the heat soak was so severe. I let it sit for 10 minutes after the first run and it still lost 5 hp and 12 ft-lbs. I would have likely lost even more with a third pull.

256 whp and 337 wtq Corrected
204 whp and 268 wtq Uncorrected
I live at 6,800 ft and the dyno is located at 5,800 ft

Since it is stock, the ECU should be able to compensate with higher boost to counteract some of the thin high altitude air. So the ‘corrected’ numbers are most likely high. I would estimate a sea level pull would show around 230 whp and 300 wtq.

The torque is surprising though, the engine is rated at 295 ft-lbs but is clearly making more. First graph is correct numbers, second is uncorrected.


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Looks like it runs similar to t8 and does not look like its coming out of closed loop until about 4500rpm, typical in the new engine management systems, that is how they get the mpg and good torque.

Cf cut in half as recommended by the NHRA is usually spot on.

It would do a little better on the highway with good airflow, but those are good numbers. Maybe its time to get the tuning sw and tune some of those bad boys :) Nice car!

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