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Kinda a long story but i will try to make it short...

Car is a 00 9-3 SE HOT

So a few months ago I had a rock go through my radiator while I was going to a job site in Colorado Springs from Denver. So I had to get it towed to a local shop and caught a ride back to Denver.

After a few days they finished my car I went down picked it up and it was great for a little while, then I noticed I was low on coolant quite often, I always had to top it off . I found a small leak on the passenger side of the radiator.

I took it down there again on Monday, I just got my car back from getting that fixed and as I was driving it home I noticed what sounds like a turbo line leak some where I can still get boost up to the red line, but it sounds like it is leaking out of the Driver side.

Anyone have any ideas what this could be? I looked around and did not really see anything. I would have taken back to the shop but it was after hours i after all this i really do not know if i trust this shop anymore. The car still drives fine you can just hear the turbo spool and just always sounds like the Boost is just leaking out.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!! sorry for the long story hope it makes sense its been a VERY long day.

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