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It's been quite a while since my last post in the Saablink, but I thought I'd share some photos from my trip to Germany a few weeks ago. I spent most of the last day of the trip in BMW Welt in Munich and took some photos. Museum is filled with BMW cars, motorcycles, prototypes and engines from all eras.

The BMW Welt itself, the museum building is behind me and the factory to the right.

328 MM

2000 TI

2002 TI

The beautiful 507

Assorted roadsters

There were several F1-engines from the turbo-era to modern V-engines.

M Roadster

E30 M3

And of course the M1

320 racing car

Engines of the M-cars, next to each engine was pair of headphones with engine sounds.


Museum is also home of the art cars, there were e30 M3's, CSL's, M1, and so on.

This very '80's M3 was especially cool.

These are just some of my pictures from the museum, for the rest, check my set in flickr.

Towns in pictures are Coburg and Wurtzburg. This area of Germany is filled with old towns and cities from 17th and 18th century, castles, palaces and so on. Hills are full of wineyards, its very beautiful. I plan on going there again during the summertime in the near future and recommend the area for everyone.

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Ugh, I need to take a month off and go all over Europe.... Very nice
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