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TRADE or FS: 1994 NG900 S 2.3L

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Hi all,

I thought I might throw this up here to see what I can get.

1994 SAAB 900S
--Two door Imola Red hatch
--145,000 miles
--2.3L 5-speed

I've had my NG900 for a few months and love it, so I'm not really anxious to sell this one.

What I want really is an NG900 convertible. I want any engine/trans combination you might have, except the V6. Even if its an N/A automatic, that's fine.

Mine is pretty clean inside and out. Imola red with gray cloth interior.

INTERIOR: Seats are nice but have two rips fixed. I believe someone smoked in it many years ago, as there is a burn mark or two in various spots. Nothing obvious, but I'm pointing it out for you. Its missing the shift knob. I have an SID out of a 96 900SET in it, so there are no signal beeps or blinker clicks. I do have the original one as well. The 900SE one has some pixels burned out. The speakers suck. I dyed the headliner black. I think that's about it. It smells very nice inside and I keep it clean.

OUTSIDE: Average for a 16 year old car. Scratches tiny dings here and there. There's a small crack in the front bumper, but not bad. one small rust spot on each rear wheel arch. No cancer, just surface. if I keep the car, its getting fixed before winter. Paint is still bright

NEEDS: Tires. They are due before winter. The alignment needs to be done. The shifter is very floppy. I removed the reverse lockout bar, so you don't need to have the collar. It may be an adjustment or a bushing. However, it hasn't hurt my driving at all. I did the spark plugs not long ago, but the rest of the tune up wouldn't hurt.

RANDOM: The car has the alarm fuse pulled. When that's in, and you unlock the car from the passenger side, it won't start. Not sure why. Tuner4Life says its normal alarm thing. Also, occasionally, the car will die when taking it out of gear. However, you can start it and its fine again.

Those are the only issues with the car. I've driven it all over and its never left me hanging. Its a good ass little car!


--9-5 16" multispokes
--Red calipers
--Blue spark plug cover
--SilverStar headlight bulbs
--Carbon fiber B pillar decor
--Wired for sub/amp setup
--Rare 9000 rubber trunk mat

I might have a few other piddly things done, but thats it.

I'd like $2,500 or trade for an NG vert (probably an NA automatic)

Pics are in my link on my sig
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