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TPS? O2? codes

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Hi, so i now have my 1993 cse 9000 2.3 turbo on the road, it has 2 codes, 5 blinks and 6 blinks, i looked them up and they seemed to be o2 and tps, i ordered tps and realised that it wasn't on my TB, now i looked around the forum and realise that this is a problem because i have TCS, so if im getting these codes, what are the real problems and/or what can i do to fix them. it idles rough, stumbles on accel, and doesn't boost more than id say 3 psi! please help me out here
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I'd suggest checking out the 9000 problems forum, we had someone withe same issue a few days ago. Its the throwing codes thread.
ya that seems like the same deal and at the bottom of the tcs delete sticky what that guy described is almost exactly how my car is acting
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