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So I have a little rally route, one that I prefer to call the Bullfrog Rally, for the main road used.

I drive this road several times a week as it is on the way to my girlfriend's house and also is where I store my MGB while I'm restoring it here at school.

I can drive the road (with dirt and tarmac sections) at triple the speed limit safely, at night.

This past fall, before my gearbox grenaded, I was travelling down to work on the MGB, and was kinda loping along, enjoying the nice evening.

All of a sudden a late 90's green Toyota Tercel pulls out right in front of me, rather hastily. He tries to impress me with his 'awesome' Toyota power, replete with blatting fartcan muffler and rear mounted drag creater (otherwise known as the ubiquitous wing).

He brakes early around a sharp dipping, on camber left. I heel-toe with some threshold braking at the outer part of the racing line. ( It should be noted that you can see 1/4 mile in either direction on this turn which straightens out in an uphill sprint that curves gracefully to the right, leading into a series of really fun esses).

I'm in the meat of my torque in second gear, and he's trailbraking on the outer section of the turn....mother fucking early apexers. I pass him as the turn tightens (yes passing on the inside of a turn is a no no on the street, but like I said, I could see a long way off.)

I then proceeded to show him how you drive a proper racing line and how you're supposed to brake and shift (something they don't have to do as much on their 'roll-on' freeway races). By 3/4 of a mile he was nowhere to be seen. I've seen him around the town my girlfriend lives in a few times...oWned!
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