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Took the 335 to the track...

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Yeah i know its a Saab forum, but honestly i don't know if my 9k would make it throug the 1/4 without imploding... so yeah...

I didn't get a chance to scan slips or anything like that...

Best run (pretty consistent) was a 13.1 @ 106 with a 1.9 60 ft.

I actually ran faster on a lower map so i'm not sure whats going on with it. I should be able to hit around a 12.5 to 12.7 (depending how elite my shifting skills are at the time) on map 5, which is being a little bitch. I smoked my friends garage queen (a last year F body camaro SS with 15k miles and a borla exhaust) so i was happy enough i guess.
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Good to hear keep showing them its not all about American Muscle.
is your 335 still stock aside from the exhaust? Not sure about the "maps" you're talking about, unless of course it's tuned.
Yeah, those times are near stock. Your tune isn't doing much for you :(
Yeah its irritating, car should run a 13.5 ish stock. No one was really doing awesome that night, conditions kinda sucked, but i still expected to do better.
Hmmm.... your 60 looks pretty good, but I would expect better times from the tune. Isn't a JB3 supposed to be like 70-80whp increase?
should be more like 100 hp with what i have.... i'm working on solutions lol, i might have to adjust some stuff, but believe me, it WILL run right eventually. :)
I could be wrong, but arent the N54 turbos not that great when you crank up the boost? I mean reliability wise...I could be wrong though. Id love a 535i with the boost cranked up.
Since this thread has been resurrected, I'll just say that either your buddy with the F-Body doesn't know how to drive or something's amiss with his Z.

My '99 LS1 A4 Trans Am ran 13.2 @ 106MPH with a Borla exhaust, MTI lid and stock 2.73 gear. That in soggy Central Florida air on street tires with a 2.0 short time.

If you "smoked" him, he should check his junk out stat.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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