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to koni it or not...

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im taking my boards on friday, and once my head explodes after sitting through a 4 hour exam on 6 years of learning, i will undoubtedly want to buy something.

i think its become evident im trying to go the low and flush route. i have the wheels, and now know what offset i need. now i need the low.

i keep looking at pictures of viggens with koni kits and just thinking how much lower it could be, along with how much better that rear spring could be...

my rears will need to be rolled for sure, which im not sure i trust myself to do even with the tool (since like everything else it is not like other cars fender lips) and i cant find a shop i trust.

the other considering factor is that im probably going to be too lazy to do the work myself.

the car just hit 160k, and actually does have a somewhat clunky suspension.

should i or what?
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THAT is the question...

Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune...

just go with the Koni (full kit, front and rear, adjustables)!

Be all you car`s tance remember'd.

with over 300K km on mine, I made the plunge and recently switched to konis, new control arms, and the GS brace. best thing i did. you'll be happy - do it.
Buying a kit monday. Really excited I hear great things!
anyone know the book time to do shocks and springs at a shop?

probably $500+ to do it?
usual time

anyone know the book time to do shocks and springs at a shop?

probably $500+ to do it?
I do not know the rates of the workshops over the Ocean, but we managed (2 guys-me and a very experienced mechanic) to change the suspension on both on my 9-3 OG and my 9-5, in some 1,5-2 hours each car!
One tricky think is the head bolt of the shock! Use some good anti-rust spray to make that one come off!
With minimum care and tools in a well fitted home garage, you can do it ;)
i have the mechanical ability to do it thats not an issue, its the fact that i just dont want to, nor do i have the time/patience.

im still bothered by lack of lowering tho...

edit: its honestly just the front i dont feel like doing and messing with the tie rods/ball joints that are most likely rusted stuck. i suppose i could pay for the front to get done and do the rear.
^you waited this long get the koni kit, wait untill you have time and do it yourself. I think it took 3 hrs (using a lift)
regardless of the time, i just dont feel like touching the fronts, im lazy these days. my free time will not be increasing anytime soon anyway.

you have pics of yours posted anywhere?
Do it.

I paid an indie $300 to do mine along with the 22mm ARB install (figured he was already in there).

I'm happy I did he said the fronts were a bitch.
well the only shop around here is a barely surviving "dealership" so im guessing it will be 100 or more an hour.
Do it! The great side effect is that the car rides better then stock at the softest setting. Of course it improves handling as well.

I did the install myself w/ a friend. In a garage on jacks/stands/wood with the assistance of pneumatic tools and a spring compressor. It took us 5hrs to do front, back, and while we where at it we did tie rods and strut mounts. That was this last winter. I loved them then, I still love them now. The best upgrade I have done to the car, and I have quite a few!
Do the konis. also i rolled my viggen fenders with a rubber mallet, and a heat gun.
You can also use the easton fender roller its cleaner ofcourse. IT isnt that hard, since saab fenders arent really thick so its quite easy to roll.
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