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To buy or not to buy

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So there's a local 9-5 real cheap but in the description the guy said the engine knocked. What are some common problems to fix engine knock in a 9-5 or is the engine already probably on its way to being toast.
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probably oil pan is all sludged up and the oil pickup, therefore starving the engine of oil, and thus creating knock. ive heard of sometimes cleaning the sump and engine flush and oilpick up being clean again will have the knock go away, but the knocking may not be fixed by it and then ur lookin at a rebuild probably.
The only time this is worth the hassel is if the car is excellent condition (the color you like etc) other than the engine...its not worth it to you if you have to rebuild the engine and still need body work, interior work etc...The only time I would do this personally is if it was an Aero with Aero interior and everything was perfect except for the engine, there are just too many Saab 9-5's out there.
Common fix: replace shortblock.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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