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Title Transfer, etc

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I have agreed to buy a car in the state of New York that will not pass NY state inspection. I live in Ohio where such inspections are not required. Does anyone know if it will take anything special to get the car out of New York since it won't pass their inspection? I know I won't have any problems once the car has arrived in Ohio, but I want to make sure that I won't be surprised by any strange regulations or laws when I get there to pick up the car.
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I know of nothing that would stop you.

As long as you have a clean title and a bill of sale you should be fine.
If the registration is expired the NY DMV should be able to issue you a temporary registration just to drive the car out of the state.
shouldnt be ny issue at all.

there no real major ways to fail NYS inspection either, unless its just catless or something?

well actually, is it a NYC car?
It's a Western NY car with a broken rear shock mount.
Get a bill of sale, get a NY temp tag and drive that mofo back to OH. Shoudn't be a problem as long as the title is clear.
Sometimes, if the owner is cool enough, they'll let you travel on the car's pre-existing tags and then you can either mail them back or show proof of destruction (mail back a small piece of tag). In that scenario, you want a signed, dated letter from the previous owner (along with the bill of sale) saying that you have permission to have possession of the vehicle.

A lot of that depends on the distance you have to travel, too. You'll have to go at least 45 minutes across PA, I'm guessing, based on where the car is and the fact you're in Ohio.
The car I have agreed to buy is a 94 9000 CSE, blue over gray.

Also, thanks to everyone for their help. I have purchased a car from out of state before, but it was a car with no problems and it was in New Jersey, and it sounds like getting the car out of New York is actually going to be easier than it was to get my completely rust-free 92 9000S home from Jersey.
go figure - a 9000 with a rear shock mount that's broken - haven't seen that before lol [/sarcasm]
New York plates must be surrendered if insurance is canceled. The owner is penalized $8 a day until the plates are surrendered. The only time you can destroy your own NY plate is when you get vanity plates. There should be no problem with the cars NY inspection history in another state.
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