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tires lockin up!?

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so basically if i go to revers the rear tires will go from moving fine to acting like i has just RIPPED the e break. then i have to pull forward and it lets go and then i can revers again its doing it more and more often lately im not sure what it is....some help? (never any issues driving forward)
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your e brake is sticking
your e brake is sticking

Gotta love the lovely drum e-brake setup. :roll:
i havent used my e brake in 2 years, it cant hold the car, and if it ever does it sticks and i have to rock back and forth 50 times to get it undone.
I have the same problem, spray wd40 or PB Blaster in the inside lever, New cable permanently fixes it.
I did a new ebrake cable on mine, turns out I probably should have replaced the right rear ebrake shoes since they don't seem to be doing shit.
Thanx guys that what I was assuming but I would rather not jump into it if it was something eles
As just a random side note I almost sh*t myself the first time it happend I was reversing pretty quick and its locked up i thought I had hit a rock or even a kid (I was vacuming out my car at the was) let's just say I was happy to fing out it was just the ebreak :)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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