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Timg chain and Performance upgrades ??

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Sorry tried to make the title as clear as possible...:D

So its time to do the timing chain on my Saab 9-5 150K miles and its get a little noisy in there...


Anyone know what I should pay for this job ? Conntech in RI gave me a price of 1200 including dropping the oil pan, cleaning it and cleaning the screen (this includes parts and labor).

What internal parts would you upgrade at this time ? Pistons, etc ? Oil pump (we all know these were not the greatest)

Should I delete the balance shaft chain ?
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One thing I've been wanting to try is cryo-treating of the timing parts. I know an engineer at Tsubaki that says that the heat treatment of OE chains consist of heating them up and dunking them in oil, a very uncontrolled process in favor of low production costs. He said that the chains would benefit from further treatments. Of course, this would only be cost effective if you plan on keeping the car a LONG time, probably the reason that timing chains are made so cheaply; manufacturers don't plan on owners keeping their cars for so long.
Hah...thats a pretty great idea...I think that is more for racing perfect for a 600HP Saab engines...its actually not that expensive approx .60 per inch of chain :D...amazing all the technology they have to make things last forever...did you hear me GM ?LOL
You can roll a chain in if the mechanic has the Saab tools. About 500 to get it done.

You need to take the engine apart to do a good balance chain delete ( you need to block the balance shaft ports or oil pressure can be a problem.

If you wnat to build an engine build it son;t do a peice meal upgrade deal
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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