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Time for some new paint!

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Finally I've gotten some time to paint my car. I just couldn't deal with the terrible paint that has been on the car for only a few years. It must have been a macco job. The hood and roof were starting to turn purple, and because the car was originally green, they didnt do a very good job of getting under moldings and such to cover that which led to the blue cracking off. There was no huge body damage, but there was a fair share of dents and scratches.

My dad and I are doing all of the work. This is the first car I've ever painted so this is a great learning experience as well. Ill be spraying all of the paint which is pretty exciting for me.

Heres the car with 9-3 bumpers and side skirts.

Since this is meant to be a driver, I didn't go crazy trying to cover all the green in places that won't ever be seen, like behind the fenders and the trunk floor, but I did remove all the panels and trim pieces so I wont have the cracking problems like before.

Heres a few pics of the initial sanding and bodywork.

After primering everything, we put a guide coat on to help identify any high or low spots while sanding. We actually ended up finding 3 or 4 more small dents because of it.

Some spots had to be re-primed and sanded because we put some more glaze on. Everywhere that was going to be painted was wet sanded to prepare for the paint. To get everything to one color we sprayed a coat of sealer. Then came the basecoat. The color is PPG Blue Heaven from the Vibrance Collection. It has been tweaked a little bit to make it darker, so it it a one off color.

Heres some pics after the sealer and the basecoat.

I cleared the jams and such because we will be putting the doors hood fenders and hatch on for the final coats of color and clear. This will help to have the metallics and pearls oriented the same across all the panels. Thats where I am at now. I will be taking the car to a professional spray booth with a bake oven to do that. As long as everything goes smoothly I will be taking it there this weekend.

After that I will start on the bumpers. I have a catalog kit to put on and I may paint some trim pieces. Not quite sure on that yet though. Any suggestions are welcome.

I can't wait to have my car looking good!
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very cool:cool:
Got the body all back together today. Its loaded on the trailer and ready to take to baltimore to spray the last couple base coats and clear.

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lookin good!!
Looks gorgeous! I'm jealous :(
I have always wanted to learn about paint work and you certainly are well on the way to getting a snazzy new paint job! Is the color similar to Lightning Blue?
I've never seen lightning blue up close, but I think the color is darker. It has a lot of pearl in it which makes it lighter in the sun. It's a really beautiful color. It's all done now except for the bumpers. Ill get some good pics when my mom gets home from vacation. (I use her camera) All I have right now is a cell phone pic.

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so awesome man cant wait to see the finished product
get a haircut. hahahaha. just messing with you. sick paint job though. i wanna see the finished product.
get a haircut. hahahaha. just messing with you. sick paint job though. i wanna see the finished product.
Took care of that already. It was getting hard to see at times haha.

Ill have her done soon. My dad and I are currently wet sanding and buffing the whole car. Once thats all done we can move on to the bumpers and putting the interior back together. Ill post up some more recent pics tomorrow.
Looks great so far! Can't wait to see the finished product!
Got some pictures for ya! The main reason for wet sanding is to get rid of orange peel and any dust that may have fallen into the paint. I couldn't get a good pic of the orange peel before sanding, so I took one of a panel thats half-way done.

The surface will be completely dull when all the orange peel is gone. Heres a pic of the roof with half of it buffed. Its a little dirty but its amazing what buffing does.

Props to my dad for all of his help!

I didnt know they made blue mirrors :)

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Oh my god it is beautiful.

How much money ya want to paint my car?
Thanks for all the comments everyone!

Aikmanson - I've got too many projects going on, but I appreciate the offer

It has a sunroof.
Wow! Great work! Care to do my hood, rear bumper, and side skirts? ;) :)

Really though, that color looks great.
Yeah it is really awesome. I cant wait to get it out in the sun. I finished sanding it last night. Just need to buff it now and that will be it for the body.
Holy cow. Nice.
Looks like Im going to just use the SE lips and side skirts for now. Maybe ill throw on the catalog kit over christmas break.
Looks great. What kind of paint system (brand) did you use? Is this a multi-stage job with a base, intercoat, pearl coat, then clear? It appears to be fantastic! The power of a wetsand is amazing.
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