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Tial blow off valve

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Does anyone use tial? And if you do how does it sound? I'm just wondering.
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youtube is your friend.
Vrooom... PSH... vroooooom...
I may be getting a tial 50mm. they are sick loud. x2 youtube
youtube is your friend.
x2 youtube
instead of posting this ... .you should be searching youtube for an answer ... a bov sounds the same on a saab as it would on a civic talon or anything else boosted lol
I've got an hks ssqv, definitely my favorite, I had it picked up even before I bought the aero. I love the little *ping* noise before the hiss. It's not overly loud unless you're really boosting hard.
The new valves look sweet. Welded one on a honda last week.

Certainly overkill under stupid power on our cars. Put the $260 towards something that will make performance.
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the only reason im buying it is because its seventy bucks from a friend brand new :D
I might go with the hks. They have these inlets you can change, when i was watching you tube. Well, kingofkrunk i wanted to get an opinion from everyone on saablink (other saab people) to see what it up with it.... So sorry if i kinda annoyed you by posting such a crappy post. And plus they never sound the same! And plus why go on this thing if i cant interact with other people. you tube sounds like you tube! But hearing it in real life sooooo much different. you tube give you an example. Just a taste !
I'd steer clear of the HKS SQV mate after what happened to me....
Don't get me wrong here HKS are fantastic at what they do and the build quality is usually excellent, I've used both HKS and Blitz parts on my previous cars with no problems, filters sound good and the exhaust systems sound wicked:cool: I've actually got a Blitz Sonic Power filter on my 9k Aero now and its ok.
But I fitted a HKS SQV to my 9k Aero when it was stage 4 and it lasted 4 days before literary blowing apart when having a bit of fun with a E46 M3 :shock: I've got half the damn thing in the garage and the other part is on the Motorway somewhere! Just simply blew apart at 1.3-1.4 bar...was not a cheap one either at over £200.
For me its Forge all the way. Never had a single problem with it, gives a nice whoosh noise and the springs are easy enough to change inside. The HKS valve made a more of a high pitched screeching noise which got on my tits after a few minutes!
Just my opinion here and yeah I could have had a bad one but its put me off getting another so i'll be sticking to Forge from now they're cheaper!
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suprisingly when i had my 18t on my 9k i also blew apart an ssqv. screw blew right out the top and hit the underside of the hood.
Wow I guess maybe I'll switch out my valve once I get to tuning. That really sucks.
Its strange how it happened as some high powered Jap cars run a lot more boost than I did at the time:confused: Anyway its really put me off HKS....SQV's that is, I've got a HKS Super Dragger Exhaust to go on mine when I get the cash to fit it;)
I never knew hks bov's would fall apart like that. And plus all the japan cars are like 500hp and nothing happens to them. it weird very weird.
For what it is worth I would also go with the Forge as that is what I have been running on my '95 Aero 9K for about 56K miles now and and am pretty much at stage 3 w/ 3" DP full 3" exhaust and am playing with the T5 Suite but have not started using it on the car yet. Just getting familiar with software for now. The Forge sounds great though and like Griffin_Dai said he too has had great experiences with it. Although I can say that I am running the Tial 50mm on my Supra in conjunction with the Tial 60mm wastegate and a Garrett GT42/76R turbo and I do enjoy the sound the combination of those 3 make. My best recommendation is to go with something you enjoy but at the same time is proven to work and is not going to break! Griffin_Dai had some great advice with the HKS. Every company has certain items that they make that are better than others of theirs. A prime example of this, in my opinion, is AEM's intake's vs's their ECU's and tuning accessories such as their wideband's serial gauges etc. I would never run one of their intakes LOL! Good luck with what you do and post pics!
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Well, all i have to say is i tried to run t5 suite on my computer and i needed all these drivers for the software and it still didn't run. But i will look into forge and hopefully i will like the sound of it.
more on the supra?
What would you like 2 know? I don't want the thread to get to off topic. Feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] with any questions regarding the Sup. Chat with u soon buddy.
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