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Thule box...

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Is there anyone on right now who can measure their c900 roof, so I can determine which Thule box to get???
Jeff Proposki has my CE in Mass at the moment and I need to get a size of a box taken care of before we leave for SOC...Kirsty
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As long as the roof bars are 24" apart, you can run any box.

Granted with the longer ones, you won't be able to fully open the hatch.

You want a front to back?
That would be great...front to back......
From the top of the rubber seam on the windshield, to the seam between the roof and rear hatch is 65"
We just found out that a 99T is 66".
Looking at the Excursion box....Just have to locate one in Maine.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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