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Three different generations: My Dad, brothers, and my sons.

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Pics taken at my father's 75th Birthday a week ago Saturday:

Ethan checking out Dad's G&T... (No worries. It's water...)

Ethan FLIES down the slide...

While Connor just kinda takes his time...

And still falls over...

Ethan with my brother, Chris having a conversation:

Connor coming through the screen door to get in on the debate...

Wait a second! It's Pop's birthday, not Ethan and Connors!

Problem with breaking out the camera is that the twins want to check the gadget out. The result is a blurry image, but fun none the less...

Okay, I'll stop boring everyone with the family slideshow... Just having fun with the whole fam-damily. :-D
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before you know it you're gonna have a couple threads similar to "saablivious" (c900 section if you missed it)
before you know it you're gonna have a couple threads similar to "saablivious" (c900 section if you missed it)
nah they'll just be fighting over the commem
Heh, yeah. There's always the 'vert, too.
Nice pics, thanks for sharing. My Dad also just turned 75 in March.

I had a nice family experience myself last night. My 10 year-old son had a couple of his friends over. They usually head right up to his room to immerse themselves in hours of mind-numbing video games, but last night was a touching exception. My wife brought home her brother's table-top hockey game from the 60s. They played it for hours in the living room--had a blast. I couldn't find my camera, but the scene reminded me of my own youth sitting on the living room floor in front of the black & white Zenith playing the same game.

Game looks something like this:

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I remember those hockey boards! So cool!
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