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They found a boat! They found a boat!

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Oh shit, get your trowels ready!
Years after it went down.
Everybody in the place, unearth the fucking deck
But stay on your motherfucking shovels
We're unearthing this, let' go
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Clearly it's The Black Rock.
My gf was an anthropology major and she loves this kind of stuff. Pretty cool when they find something like this, although it shouldn't come as any big surprise considering the age of the city and surrounding area. This doesn't even compare to what is being found in European cities like Rome, London, Paris, etc.
They found a boat motherfucker!
The first thing I thought of was that it must suck to work in the hole, geez.
I read this in the NYTs this am amd found this to be really cool. I just hope that they can carbon date it before it starts to oxidize too much. It may have been used to add on the on the the land mass to make it larger.
Yeah, when NYS let people fill in the old Erie Canal, all sorts of stuff was used as fill.
As an archaeologist I would love to work on this project! They usually take core samples to carbon date immediately after excavating it
I work with some arkies now and we were talking about this. The MTA had a neat little exhibit in its Transit Museum Annex at Grand Central up until about two weeks ago with all kinds of New Amsterdam-era stuff that they found along the Battery when they were redoing the subway stop right at the Staten Island ferry.

It was pretty neat to browse through 300+ year-old plates and pottery and pipes and all.
This whole discovery will be a waste if we don't actually see an Andy Samberg digital short on SNL of him in that pit with the arcs singing "I found a boat".
Damn - and I always thought Nj was a landfil ;)

That's pretty cool - be interesting to see what the come up with if anything into detail of it beyond measurements and speculations.
Everything around this area is a landfill. If you walk around lower Manhattan, there are markers in the sidewalks showing the original shoreline of the island. Huge peninsulas were built off the "coast" of Bayonne.

If ya wanna see something neat, google map "Shooter's Island, Staten Island, NY." Off to the left of that place is a boat graveyard for everything from barges to wooden sailing ships. Pretty cool.
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