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I'm in chatz. By myself. Talking. to myself.

You should join me.

CHATZ said:
[codesplice] : NINJA
[codesplice] : There we go.
[codesplice] : Yep.
[codesplice] : Sure is boring in here, all alone and whatnot.
[codesplice] : Oh well.
[codesplice] : Ninjas are so cool.
[codesplice] : So are pirates.
[codesplice] : I like them both mostly-equally.
[codesplice] : Though some people say it has to be one or the
other, and that pirates and ninjas would fight each other...
[codesplice] : I think that MY pirates and MY ninjas would team
up to rule the world.
[codesplice] : They'd be unstoppable!
Come save me.
1 - 16 of 836 Posts
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