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The Official Bicycle Thread.

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This is The Official Bicycle Thread.

Road bikes, mountain bikes, bmx bikes, tandem bikes, recumbent bikes, unicycles, and anything in between are welcome.

Post up nice pictures of your ride. Tell us what year, make, and model it is. Also tell us about modifications to your bike, mileage on the bike, and other interesting facts as well.

After posting pics, feel free to leave a link to more pictures too!

For the weight weenies, don't forget to mention a weight!
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Haven't been doing much pedaling, but I have been doing lots of riding down hill!

...and we use my buddy's Toyota to get us back up.

This is a local trail to me, a "flow trail" build last year buy some volunteers with a mini excavator. Awesome gravity fueled action!

And last week I made it to Highland Mtn Bike park ( Highland Mountain Bike Park | Northfield, NH ) for the first time. It's only about 30 minutes from me, and is world renowned as being the only Downhill/Freeride specific Mountain Bike park at least in the country. Pro's come from all over to train there and the place is an absolute mecca. I barely scratched the surface on the green trails and a tiny bit of blues. The level of talent that rides there is through the roof!
What sort of clothing you using for those rides btw? I've been mostly running my old hunting jacket+some random pants by Beretta clothing( Beretta something like this but from much older times). Is there are any better options out there within reasonable budget?
I know it's an older thread, but maybe Cark is still around. Which bikes are those? I remember owning one back in 2013 that looked like this, but at this point I can't really remember who made those. My doc told me I gotta get back into more active lifestyle, so I'm thinking mtn biking again
His last post was 3 years ago so he might not reply here soon. There are good new models nowadays.
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461 - 462 of 462 Posts