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OKay so since I am the only one from Utah that I know I feel a need to inform you of the best way to boost your ego on a friday or saturday night. State street of salt lake city is where all the ricers and bullet bikers go to go off their cars/ women/ and compensating *cough* whatever. There are a few grounds rules that everyone seems to follow.

1. If you pass an eclipse for whatever reason they will try to pass you back because to them its a race.
2. Usually its a sausage fest and if you are a girl in a car with your friends every car with guys will muscle to talk to you.
3. If someone losses off the line and its apparent they wouldn't win in a 1/4 mile and you slow down and they pass you they still win.
4. Shortly after "winning" they will turn off so they don't have to race you again.

And seeing how this is a war story let me tell you what my friends and I do. We put on bright flouresent wigs and drive on state listening to wierd music just to steal women from other guys...and it works. But this saturday was extreme sausage fest so we had fun racing and here is a list of what fell to the aero.

Civics (all types shapes and colors)
wrx (not sti just wrx)
jettas (gti , 1.8t, etc)
acura (rsx and some other type)
A couple more but I don't pay attention a lot
This is what you'll see with the exception of a few cobras, nice muscle cars and some riced out cars, but my car needs some lovin after the power starts I did on that automatic. The wheel makes a wierd noise now so I hope I haven't hurt my car. Anyway if you are every in utah come out and enjoy.
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