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The Craigslist Thread

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I think its time to have ONE thread with anything and everything related to craigslist. Find something funny on CL, post it here, find a great deal, post here etc etc. Too many different CL threads get created everyday, when we can really just have one mother of all CL threads

That is all
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It definitely had some bubbling on both dog legs which was odd but still too good of a deal to pass up on. Buyer probably got it for 12-1300
LMAO... that was a hoot.
What's that car next to it in the right of the photo?

In town... if anyone is interested let me know and I'd be more than happy to check it out. Price seems a little steep, but the car does look pretty damn clean!
That's strong money, but you never know. Would be nice to see clean examples start appreciating.

"Owned by retired captain in the navy." :rolleyes:
Nice find, the only NG9-5 with a manual that I've ever seen in person was in Sweden! And that one was the diesel with the 6-speed. Why can't we have nice things over here.....
Yikes, crack pipe.
Yeah I was thinking the same. Would be a good candidate for resto, but not at that price. I love the pre-facelift cars.
Really? I noticed that car a few weeks ago and initially I thought the same thing.

Today though, for some reason, I feel like its an excellent candidate for a restoration. If someone were handy enough and had the time and space to do most of the work themselves including all paint prep work, a few grand in would get you an almost show-worthy 110k mile first-year SPG. Don't you think those will be "valued" at $8-10k in a few years? At the very least, you'd get your money out...
Perhaps I'm a pessimist, but I think that's a scrapper even at $0. Everything on it is damaged, including non replaceable body work (i.e. roof). Clean cars are still available and still cheap. You'd have to value your time very little to pick this as your project - again, in my opinion.
You may be right and probably have more experience with such endeavors; I tend to have overly optimistic day-dreams where I save all the SPGs, 9000 Aeros and Viggens of the world.

Those photos were strategically shot; the roof damage isn't even visible from those angles. That being said, if its not TOO severe, I've seen some incredible things done with the right hammer and dollys. With the sunroof assembly out, its not too difficult to get a dolly into most areas and tap out those dents with a hammer from above.
Useless without pictures! Anyone know this car?

I'm 100% NOT in the market right now :(
Not sure if this was already posted here, but an interesting find:
Not sure if this was already posted here, but an interesting find:
Wow, that is nice flat-nose, and a color I'm not sure I've seen before.
One owner since 1983 and 560k miles !!!
9161 - 9180 of 9198 Posts
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