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The best oil for a T7 Viggen? or any other Saab engine

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What would u say in a list of the best the 5 top best synthetic oil and recommended grades and filters? i was told. I just wanna see what everyone else is using lol

1. Amsoil 5-40
2. Shell Rotella 5-40
3. Mobile 1 0-40 or 5-40
4. Castrol syntec 5-40
5. Royal Purple 5-30 (i cant say i like this just cuz the saab dip stick is very hard to read at times with it)
6.Red line 5-30

4.Mobile Long life
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I use mobil-1 filter with mobil1 5-40 or 0-40, whichever is available. There is a document floating around where a test was done and the results says royal purple is vastly superior to all of the oils above, problem is its super expensive compared to more common oils....and i dont know how true that test is obviously.
I use Amsoil euro 5-40 & Wix filters on my 9000.
I do not race it thus abuse the engine & oil

so I go by price.... a jug of Mobil 1 is $20-25

OEM filter
There are numerous reviews on synthetic motor oils, some of them "independent," others "sponsored" by the oil manufacturer, so read any of them thoroughly. Then there's the debate about pure synth vs. synth blend oil. The most important thing is to change the oil and filter according to a set schedule.

Initially, I was using Royal Purple and found it to be quite good. More recently, I've been using Mobil-1 Extended Performance 5W30 with PureOne (Purolator) filters in my Viggen and my Commemorative Edition. Both cars have more than 100,000 miles on them and run very well.

Although Mobil claims you can go up to 15,000 miles before changing ExtPerf oil, I change it at 6,000 mile intervals. The PureOne filter offers excellent filtration, as seen in the pan each time I discard the old oil.

Granted, some SAABers feel that running oil/filter much beyond 3,000 miles is bad for your car's motor but I've found my 6,000 mile routine to be a good interval for both cars. Of course, I'm also not racing either car.
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Bottom line is that any of the oils and filters listed will work fine if the engine it goes into has been maintained properly. Everybody has their favorites (I love Mobil-1), but there is honestly little to no tangible difference between the oils listed IF you change them frequently enough.
I have used both Royal Purple and mobil 1. Now just Mobil 1

(was using 0-40 but I got scolded and was told only 5-30)??

they are priced about the same around here, Mobil 1 being about 20 cents cheaper a liter/quart whatever they come in.

I always buy a case of OEM filters at a time since all my Saabs take the same one.
Are Bosch the OEM filters? or is there another one?
Typically, I run Quaker state 10w-30, or Rotella non synthetic 15-40 when it's warm out. I have always run the 99 9-5 on this. They are supposedly sludge prone and it is now at 193K miles, and has never had an issue. The car even has the original GT-17 turbo. Being that it's a 99 9-5 it has never seen synthetic oil, as it was not recommended when that car was new.

When it hits 200K, I will pop open the valve cover and take some pics of the engine. I do regularly change the oil every 5000 miles, and run the car at full throttle & maximum speed very frequently, which I am told should help prevent it from getting sludge ;)

I use the MANN filters or the AC-Delco units
I'm running RP but have been curious about Amsoil and Brad Penn.
I had run Mobil-1 5w30 synthetic for a long time, I recently started using Shell Rotella T6 5w40 -synthetic for a more viscous oil, and always a mobil 1 or oem filter for me.
I run valvoline 10w-30 high mileage synthetic and a fram filter no problems here
i have an oil analysis out on RP 10w30 that had 4k miles on it, so we will see what the truth holds.
I have used:

Royal Purple 5W30
Penzoil Platinum 5W30
Castrol Edge 5W30
Shell Rotella 5W40
Amsoil 5W40

I just changed my oil yesterday with some German Castrol (0W30) Which is highly regarded among synthetics. The engine seems to like it so far.

All of the above oils seemed to perform well. The engine has seemed the smoothest with the Amsoil and the GC.

Since I work for NAPA I use NAPA gold filters which are Wix

I always follow a 5,000 mile OCI
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I use Shell Rotella T Synthetic 5w40 every 3,000 - 3,500 miles... Had nothing but great experiences with it... and I use a Wix filter. Stay away from Fram filters at all costs! Wix has been proven to make one of the best filters out there. If you can't get a hold of a Wix; OEM, Mann, Napa, K&N or Mobil1 (basically identical), or Bosch filters are also fairly good. Just stay the hell away from Fram.
why stay away from fram? Evidence...
I went with Lubro Moly 5w-40 with a Mobil1 filter. Lubro Moly has the ACEA A3/B3 certification and compies with most Euro manufacturers specs.
why stay away from fram? Evidence...
Fram does quantity over quality. Their filters are crap. Go over YouTube and see the many videos of people cracking them open. Here is one:

Thanks Champ... That's actually the exact link that I did all of my research off of.

Also, my friends that ran fram filters in their Honda's had trouble with VTEC engaging due to lack of oil pressure. And I used to have bad ticking upon start up in my 9000 when I was running a Fram. The filters are just junk all around. They don't do shit.

Wix is seriously the way to go.
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