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testing seats

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I just got some electric motorized seats for my car (which doesnt have them) and maybe this is a stupid question, but if i want to test them can I just hook up the wires directly to a battery?

Also, is there anyway to get the heated pads off the seat back foam (theyre glued on)
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Yes - just hook up power and ground and have at it.

As for heated grid - as you said they are glued on (sticky on one side) and really can not be re-used. You can remove it carefully and install a new grid. They are still available from Saab and sometimes aftermarket.
Well, I just tested them with a multi meter, and it said they work... however they really havent worked in a few years - i checked the fuse in the box and was sure they hadn't broken...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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